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If you see me on the Internet and not listed here then there is a good chance that's not my profile. Lots of people create profiles and use my pictures. No need to tell me about where you found my content, I don't care and I allow it so go nuts and kick the shit :)



IMPORTANT: All the postings on my social media are stupid fantasies I play-out and it does not mean I do that in real life. If you want to know me then read this website and my blog: but not what I post on the social media listed below!


NOTE: I have two online venues! The social media that I list below is more risk inclined. The non sexual social media I do not list here in order to avoid getting what I term (the dick wielding guys). If you found me on any porn related site then follow my social media listed below. But be smart and do read this site and learn about me if you want to increase your chances of getting me to respond. In a nutshell if your message to me is a picture of your dick, asking to cam, watch you cum, make me cum, if I'm wet or horny...etc. I will ignore and block you! Don't compare me to other paid online models I'm different! So be smart and first impression is key!


Contact me: {Please Skip The Pleasantries} If you want to contact me send me a message to If you message me on any other social media I might not see it and you will not get a response. Remember I am not active on all the accounts but I do use my Twitter@DarkGothAngel profile daily! Don't send vague messages, I get 100's of messages and chat requests daily; read here to know what I look for ;)





                  ╚►My ACTIVE social media profiles below◄╝


If you want to see every social media I've ever used since the inception of mankind then click here! Just remember, I might not be active on them all.






Unless I have your verified picture and add you to my white list you will end up in my spam filter and you will not get a response!


SFW Google Plus, I post all kind of pictures and blog dialy activities.

Google Hangout Cam/Chat

SFW Whenever I'm bored or in the mood to chat I make a post on my G+ account, listed above, to tell people I'm in the chat. Read the rules and never assume.
NOTE: If you want a sexy inclined chats then check out my SnapChat listed below. Do read the rules and never assume! I verify everyone and if I block you, that's it!

YouTube channel

SFW YouTube channel. I post all kind of videos: weird, funny, sexy, nature, activities...etc.


SFW mostly selfies and pictures of everything really

Twitter @darkgothangel

NSFW {Please Skip The Pleasantries} I'm most active on my twitter. I tweet all my activites, locations where I'm visiting and I respond to private messages on there even if you are anonymous (so long they're not stupid!). Twitter is the only place where I interact with fans. Message me anywhere else and you will not get a response.

My daily activities