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Introduction: Porn is a male fantasy. Paid women cater to this male fantasy and if you like to play online then go nuts with paid amateurs and cam models. If you want to meet and fuck then you are out of luck because all these sites for meet-n-fuck are fake. You will not get lucky to meet a FREE slut to fuck you. In the most likely event you will be chatting with fakes (transgender/gays/cross-dressers..etc) pretending to be hot women.


If you like to chat with regular (i.e. not paid) amateurs like myself then pay attention! I'm not paid to do porn. I do what I do because I like it and I do it with a group of close friends that I've known for a very long time and trust each one of them. Women like myself do not cater to male fantasy porn so for starters don't send me pictures of your junk, its stupid! Quit asking to cam to make me cum or see you masturbate because that's just dumb! lastly don't expect a reply if you are anonymous. If you'd like to stay private for whatever reason then email me your “verified” picture otherwise you won't get a response.


Conclusion: I'm not into gays, transgender, sissies, diaper wearing people, pegging, scat, barfing, violence/cutting/blood/rape/beating, underage, incest, not into illegal stuff. I play escort hooker as a fantasy fetish but I don't do it for real! Now if you still reading and want to chat with me send me a message.. haha


I “only” chat on Twitter! my only active social media is listed on my social media section of this web site. Anywhere else you see me online its not me! So if you thought you were chatting with me on those sites most likely you were chatting with sum gay dude, hope you had fun with him(s) haha … bye now :)




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