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If you see me on the Internet and not listed here then that's not my profile. Lots of people create profiles and use my pictures. No need to tell me about where you found my content, I don't care and I allow it so go nuts and kick the shit :)


For those who wonder! I have many accounts below because different acquaintances I interact with use them; that does not mean I'm active on all of them all the time. The ones I am active on is Google+, its my social media of choice that I use daily and I have it on my mobile phone as well.


IMPORTANT: All the postings on my social media are stupid fantasies I play-out and it does not mean I do that in real life. If you want to know me then read this website and my blog but not what I post on the social media listed below!


Contact me: If you want to contact me send me an email to or chat with me on Google hangout. If you message me on any other social media I might not see it and you will not get a response. Remember I am not active on all the below accounts but I do use my Google+ profile daily! Don't send vague messages, I get 100's of emails and chat requests daily; read here to know what I look for ;)





                  ╚►My social media profiles below◄╝






This is the best way to communicate with me. I only respond to emails when you attach a portrait picture of your face and hold a paper with my name Kissra written on it with today's date. I'd like to know who I'm talking to (sorry anons). If you don't want to send me your verified pix then just comment on any of my social media listed below ^_^


All postings on all my other sites will be tweeted on here. If you like to keep upto date with all my postings on youtube, tumblr...etc then follow my twitter


I upload all kinds of videos on there. My travel videos, some sexy ones, car repairs...all kind of shit :)


I blog daily stuff on there..lotsa nude pix and daily activities...etc. The theme is mostly nudes ;)


Exclusive nude snaps, gifs, videos and monkey-chats ^_^
All requests I do are posted here ;)


Various pix and photos I shoot both nude and safe for work. Mostly artistic and cute pix on Flickr ^_^


This is my social media of choice. I am most active on here! I post lots of non nude photos of myself and answer any questions I get asked. I also blog daily events in my life. I'mma Google girl ^_^


Blogging and yammering about stuff. You can really learn a lot about me by reading my blogs. It will give you a pretty good idea of who I am and how I think. This will improve your chances of having me respond to your messages

Ello Kissra

My new ello profile. I just opened it and I love the idea of ad-free social media. Very soon I am planing to use it for my artistic/creative photography. Yes I like artistic photography..stay tuned and you'll see what I mean ;)
There will be absoloutely no nudes on this profile; so no childish perverted commets on there!

Model Mayhem Kissra

My profile on Model Mayhem. I like to shoot erotic outdoors amateur shoots.


Adult social media site "porn". I post "NORMAL" amateur porn shoots.


Adult social media site "porn". I shoot mostly artistic sensual porn on there.


Adult social media site "porn". Kind of extreme porn videos. You'll see my porn fantacies played out.


Canadian Escort Recommendation Board & Lyla's List. Exploring the escort and prostitution side of sexuality. There is something about getting paid for sex that is a big turn on for the prostitute also for the guy it's a turn on to have sex with a hooker.

FetLife amateurgirl

Kinky fetishes I get into to expand my sexuality.



Daily Google+ activities