My Current Fetish Fantasy Play

I act out lots of fetishes some I enjoy and repeat, others I don't. Some of the fetish fantasy play I've done includes Watersports, Humiliation/Degradation play, Light BDSM, Role play, Cosplay, Fan signs among others. You can check my social media sites to see those content.


My current fantasy fetish I am playing is the Escort/Hooker fetish. To learn about this see my blog and search for escort play.


For those who message me from escort sites where they've seen my fake ads. Please note the following::

  • In my escort ads, no phone number or any real viable easy contact


  • I say everywhere in my blog and sites including social media that I'm not a real escort


  • I post fake ads in all kind of cities which should be indicative that it's all not real


Lastly, no you can't join me in my fetish play HAHA :)

A good read: ===> Escort Service info!




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