Content Tips


My latest pix and vids on my Google+, Flickr and Tumblr


Most of my content have Amateur feel to it. I like shooting "Girl Next Door" type content


Send me cloths, heels and costumes and I will wear them the way you like


If you can't play my videos click on the download button under each video and play it on your computer instead of the browser


Feel free to use my pix/vids anyway you like and upload them to your site or anywhere on the net ;-)


I keep getting messages for my videos so I made a list showing videos of me from various sites on the net

Pic 4



Sample pictures and videos

I put a selection of videos and pictures to give you an idea of the type of content I shoot. Remember I am doing this just for fun its not a career for me so if you like to see something different message me. To see video intros made by graphic/video artists click here


Emo Punk Gothic chick

Sexy Emo/Gothic girl next door

Slut writting

Slut writings on my body

Sexy Emo slut

Slutty pictures and poses


Insertions and toys


Exposed 4 Uncle jeb

Playing with my friend soft core

Exposed 4 Uncle jeb

Shot for Uncle Jeb who luvs booty

Naked Maid

Requested by someone with foot fetish who luvs to see maids cleaning floor naked

Hoe shakin her ass

Little booty shake, doggy-style and cameltoe

PS4 strip game

PlayStation striptease game

Daily Google+ activities