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My turn-ons: I like loyal fans, sweet comments, nice gestures, positive pleasant people, funny, drama/politics free, open minded, respectful of me and others


My turn-offs: Racism, politics, opinionated, intolerant, drama. Guys who start their conversation with dick pictures on free platforms. I do not care for constructive criticism, this is not NASA going to Mars, its my personal site, I put whatever fuck I want; you not into it SCRAM!


If you communicate with me: I like to talk to happy people who are mature and not childish or opinionated. Be respectful and don't have expectations or entitlements. Go with the flow and enjoy our virtual time together and most of all be yourself! I like authentic and true people. You can be sure you are talking to me on the:
X.com/DarkGothAngel and nowhere else! Because all my other social media are moderated by different people!

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18+ Adult site

This is an adult 18+ site. All kids, religious people and uptight asses SCRAM!

Welcome to my site

This is my "fantasy" website. Everything you see on here is just stupid "virtual" play I do for fun. I try out different things and repeat what I like. You are welcome to download my pix/vids and use them/upload them anywhere you like on the Internet; as long as it's legal ^_^

Little about me


Born on December 31st, 1975. I am an amateur who shoots nudes and adult content for fun. I am not single, I have a partner who I've known since high school and we've lived together ever since. I have no kids and never married (living in sin haha). Traveling to different places all the time is my passion. I am Canadian, born in Montreal, my spoken and written languages are English, French and I speak polish. I do not know any other languages.


All my sexual activities are done with my partner. I never go with strangers and we don't swing! Everything you see online is just stupid fantasies I play out. I'm an average normal woman who is simply living life and sharing my sexual activity and fantasies online publicly to the people who wish to see it. If you'd like to know me then read the brief version of my "Personal Website" with the exception of my social media postings as they are all just for fun and I'm not like that in real life.


I am amateur and do not perform sale-pitch or do mainstream stuff. My content consists of fantasies I play out; I try out many different things all the time and do it amateurly ;)


Gross stuff that I will never do like scat, barfing, blood, cutting, period/tampons play or anything disgusting! Even if you pay I will decline.


I'm not into underage play, incest, beastiality, pain, violence, rape, drugs or smoking {I do not smoke}, also not into anything illegal.


I am bi-sexual so I tend to go for women and men ;)


Please note that I’m only virtual and do not meet or collaborate to shoot porn…etc. Read here for info.


Below is a video showing some of my tattoos as I was doing them ^_^

Daily Live stream